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ToneMeUp! Bootcamp (6 Weeks)

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This is our "6-Week Challenge". 
2x per week, for consecutive 6 weeks. 

In//Within 6 weeks, you will:

- tremendously improve stamina

- gain overall muscle strength

- noticeably increase agility/reaction time 

- improve daily postures (hence, reduce back pain and other chronic issues caused by bad postures) 

-  gain visible muscle definition as early as 4 weeks into the bootcamp (Results varied from individual to individual depending on your body condition upon start of this program and level of workout intensity) 

If you're committed, persistent, open-minded, willing to "dig deep" and "go the long mile" and absolutely TIRED OF complaining about "wanting to get fit and be active" for years, THIS IS FOR YOU.  

Why a "challenge"? Because it is exactly what it is. The "challenge" isn't about your fitness level. Everyone who joined their first "6-week challenge" starts from "zero", with no to minimum fitness background, or simply have "not done anything for years/before kids etc etc". The "challenge" is to get it into your schedule, commit to it for 6 weeks. 99% of participants who joined and stick out the program to the end have only gained and up their fitness game by many levels. It takes an average of 66 days for a new habit to form. In 6 weeks (about 2/3 of the time), we manage to do that for 95% of participants who gave it all to commit. 


Can you take up this challenge? 

Start time varies throughout the year. Please contact for the next bootcamp start dates. 

Let’s Work Together

Adrienne Breeze

BreezeFit Personal Training 


Tel: +41 79 633 1971

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