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Brrr.. it's COLD outside! How to beat winter blues and GET MOVING!

Updated: Dec 1, 2020

Having a hard time dragging yourself to exercise during these dark, cloudy, cold winter days? You're not alone. When at times we don't even get to see sunshine for weeks, particularly in central Europe, lacking that much-needed vitamin D makes you feel tired and fatigue, sluggish, getting sick or infections often, and bones aching for no apparent reason. Getting out of bed these days, let alone "get moving", just seems next to impossible.

As a trainer, I get asked this question often. Two months before Christmas is when the "extra" butt-kicking takes place.

What can we do?? Do we just let ourselves "slide" these months then play catch up in January? Absolutely NOT. Playing catching up after months of lacking exercises is harder on your body and it takes tremendous KILLER drive to stick out the rough, sore days for relatively quick results. You're setting yourself up for a probable failure. Why?? Be kind to yourself. 1. FIND YOUR DEEPER REASONS

So you know you want to stay fit and look good. My question is always, what's the plan after losing that stubborn x kgs? Goals achieved, job done. That's when most of us start to slide too, which is the number one reason why most weight loss don't last. Weight fluctuates on that scale every few months. All because that deeper goals/reasons were not explored. You want to grow strong(er), age gracefully, live longer, and today we'd add a much strengthened immune system to fight against covid and other infections and diseases. REMIND YOURSELF daily. Anything worth having takes WORK.

2. SET OUT TIME IN CALENDAR. IT'S NON-NEGOTIABLE If it isn't in your calendar, it ain't going to happen. You've probably heard this enough but sadly it's an undebatable truth. Your own physical health should be a priority, above all else. A (healthy) mama is the pillar of your family. Your happiness, that endorphin-driven feel good hormone itself will plump up that glow on your face without the best brightening mask or foundation in the market.


Remember those sleepless nights when you had to get up for your young kid(s) no matter how exhausted you were? You'd just get up, you do it. It's part of being a parent. Your own well being and physical health should be your priority. If it is something that "has to be done" in your mind, it will happen. You just do it, without overthinking or trying to find the reasons to not do it. How much longer do you want to just wish for that stronger body? If it is still that movable dream, it will stay "movable" and will stay as a "dream".


Getting your own physical health back on track isn't a lone wolf's game. If you don't take it seriously yourself, how do you expect your partner take it seriously enough to go out of his way to help with child so you can set time aside for your workout? Or the financial commitment for babysitters etc? If you start to take it seriously, everyone around you will follow and HELP you to "make it happen". You need commitment from family. You will need their support and encouragement throughout this journey. You, need to first show commitment to yourself. 5. PICK A PROGRAM THAT WORKS FOR YOU

Exercising inside or outside, it's highly personal. Everyone has a preference. Find a program that works for YOU, something that yields ZERO EXCUSE when snow storm hits, when sun gets too bright, when it gets too windy, etc etc. STICK WITH IT.


Do you have a buddy who could keep you accountable when rough days hit? Someone who's similar in fitness level and can motivate each other to keep going? Or have a trainer to change up workouts for you (solo or with a partner) to keep things unpredictable and interesting.


Fun facts, cloudy days bear the lowest attendance and participation in most fitness trainings. Why? It's dark. It's cloudy. Many people associate weather to moods and emotions. But it's all ENTIRELY UP TO YOU. I have always liked cloudy days as much as sunny ones because it is easier on the eyes. Less squinting means less wrinkles. Maybe because I'm a night owl, darkness never bothers me. Make a list of good things when sun isn't shining through the window. You're much stronger than letting a few clouds setting the tone for the days and weeks. You're much stronger than you might think. 8. TRY A NEW WORKOUT

If your thing is jogging outside and it gets difficult to stay in the game during these cold months, try something new. If you've been a runner for 10 years and your body isn't changing much and has gotten accustomed to the routine, find something new to try. All you need is a "disruption" to what you've been doing. Keep an open mind. Staying "comfortable" isn't the way to make any change to happen.


This is the perfect time and perfect reason to go shopping! With all seasonal sale happening left right and centre, get yourself some bright colours to wear, something to get excited to put on for that workout.


Have that cup of latte/coffee/hot chocolate post workout. Many people feel much more motivating to eat healthy once they start exercising. Set yourself some small milestones to treat yourself. Maybe after 3 weeks sticking to an exercising routine, treat yourself to a nice body massage, a spa day to relax those hard-worked muscles. A nice reward every so often is a fantastic way to keep yourself going. Remember, nothing worth having comes easy. Staying fit isn't any walk in the park. It is meant to disrupt whatever you've been doing and cause something to change. We only have one body to live in, it's up to you to make it run the best it can for the rest of years to come. You're absolutely worth it!

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